At the end of September 2013, a sole trader company has been established to cater the needs of Malaysian who are interested in visiting Australia. After two years of operation, Koala Belang was upgraded to the status ‘Pty. Ltd.’.

Established on the 3rd of June 2018, Kaybix Holdings Pty. Ltd. (KAYBIX) is a fully owned Muslim ‘Bumiputra’ company, and legally registered in Australia. With the innovative motto ‘You Are Kaybix’s Priority’, Kaybix offer real estate service all over Australia. Kaybix also offer exclusive travel experience across Australia, New Zealand as well as Fiji with an affordable price, comfortable, as well as cater the needs of the customers with add-on nature values in every package offered.  We also offer rental car service for customers who are interested in exploring Australia on their own.

In addition, parts of the profits raised from our services will be donated to the selected charity bodies through Kaybix Charity so that the customers will also get the benefits for the good cause. Aligned with our goals to become one of the reputable ‘Bumiputra’ fully owned company overseas, you can put your trust on us to cater your priorities.