In our framework to give the best services, we adhere to these principals in managing our business and everyday operations:

  • Profesionalism
  • Integrity
  • Customer’s satisfactions
  • Knowledge
  • Service quality
  • Contributions to the society


Motto, Vision, and Mission


    ‘Your Are Kaybix Priority’


    To become one of the leaders sharia’s compliant service overseas.


  1. To establish a company which is dynamic, comprehensive as well as competitive which offer multiple services with add-on values.
  2. To cater the customer’s satisfactions and respond to the current developments and the demands on tourism products.
  3. To develop a dedicated and experienced team of operatives and service consultants.
  4. To optimize the use of technology in easing the customer’s affairs.
  5. To expand the business network and strategic relationships with other agencies.
  6. To adhere to the shariah’s compliance in services, management, and the operations of the company.